#rp19 Speaker Cory Doctorow: “It's monopolies, not surveillance."

Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger — the co-editor of Boing Boing and the author of novels such as Walkaway, Pirate Cinema, Little Brother, Rapture of the Nerds and Makers. 

He works for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is a MIT Media Lab Research Affiliate, is a Visiting Professor of Computer Science at Open University, a Visiting Professor of Practice at the University of South Carolina’s School of Library and Information Science and co-founded the UK Open Rights Group. He is a digital rights advocate and fights for a fair copyright.

tl;dr - 3 questions to ... Cory Doctorow.

What are you currently working on that will be part of your talk at re:publica?
I'll be there with my new German book, Unauthorized Bread, about DRM, refugees, rent-seeking, human rights and late-stage capitalism.

This year's motto is 'tl;dr' (too long, didn't read). Is there a topic you care about that particularly suffers from oversimplification and abbreviation?
"If you don't pay for the product, you're the product."

Because if there's anything we've learned from app stores, printer ink, tractors, etc: "Even if you're paying for the product, you're still the product."

Or: "It's monopolies, not surveillance."

In the spirit of tl;dr: What are your recent must-reads/must-watches?
Infinite Detail by Tim Maughan
Stealing Worlds by Karl Schroeder
Magic For Liars by Sarah Gailey
How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell
The People's Republic of Walmart by Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski

Find his session here.


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