#rpDetroit Speaker Ricardo Simian: Involving the public into the artistic process

Ricardo Simian is the founder of 3D Music Instruments & Simply D3sign. The quest for exploring different areas, ranging from arts to technical innovation, has taken Ricardo from Chile to Italy and finally to Switzerland, collecting degrees in music performance, cultural management and early music on the way. All of these fields manage to come together in his main project, the award-winning startup 3D Music Instruments, which works at the cross section between 3D-print technology, music, design, innovation and research.

What message do you want to share at re:publica Detroit?
Technical possibilities are developing and expanding faster than our use of them. Specialists in most fields are still working with tools which are decades old while technology developers can’t be expected to tell experts in every specific area how to solve issues in innovative manners. Real applied progress will only take place through a better and deeper interdisciplinary collaboration. This merging process will also challenge our mental preconceptions and splits regarding standard fields of work and areas of expertise.

From your experience, what are challenges regarding access to Arts & Culture?
Audience access to arts and culture means involving the public into the artistic founding and creation process, which empowers them. Artists and culture experts usually celebrate wider public access to culture while mostly regretting the popular involvement and empowerment when it comes to influencing which contents are being produced. This tension, which is almost entirely homologous to the current debate on the benefits and risks of democracy, have to be acknowledged (also by the artists) and openly discussed.

What are you looking forward to most at re:publica Detroit?
Wide and open interaction between as many possible different fields, areas of expertise and opinions regarding current issues and ideas.

You can find Ricardo Simians' session here, in partnership with Volkswagen of America.