#rpDetroit Speaker Brandon Colvin: Leveraging the power of the arts

Brandon Colvin is the founder and owner of CANVASxDetroit, an arts engagement platform dedicated to developing art-based solutions to social and civic problems. He is a multidisciplinary creative professional with over a decade of experience across the arts, education, communications, and small business sectors. Brandon specializes in community art, Design Thinking, and visual and print media.

What message do you want to share at re:publica Detroit?
My message is that art, in all its forms, possesses the tremendous power to shift consciousness, environments, behaviors, ideals, and ultimately, the future. Therefore, we – as responsible global citizens – should be leveraging the power of the arts to create positive change in ourselves, our communities, our institutions, and our world! This message is one that we can all embrace and make an individual and collective contribution toward.

From your experience, what are challenges regarding access to Arts & Culture in Detroit?
One of the greatest challenges to Arts & Culture in Detroit is the erasure of the Motor City's identity as a bastion of African-American creativity, ingenuity, and talent. Much of what is being promoted today as "Detroit Art & Culture" does not include the art OR culture of the people who make up nearly 85% of the city's population. Detroiters who have lived, worked, created, and otherwise contributed to the city's identity as a global treasure are being denied their rightful, hard-earned place at the table where decisions are being made that impact the Detroit's current image and future identity. The whitewashing of Detroit's past, present, and upcoming creative and cultural talent is a major threat to the Arts & Culture of Motown!

What are you looking forward to most at re:publica Detroit?
I am looking forward to being challenged, enlightened, and educated by the ideas exchanged between all of the brilliant people participating in the re:publica Detroit conference. The international scope of topics and contributors at the event will surely benefit everyone involved!

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