#rpDetroit - The Call for Participation has started!

re:publica is headed on Sequencer Tour to Detroit - join us! Until August 1st, submit your ideas to the Call for Participation and shape the conference programme. The two-day event will take place on October 4th and 5th, 2019.

Call for Participation
re:publica aims to present the opportunities and benefits of new technologies in various areas of society, while simultaneously taking a critical look behind the scenes. re:publica Detroit will be all about access: from access to the Creative Industry & Music, Work & the New Economy, to Mobility & Urban Space. What are your answers, ideas and thoughts around access? Community input makes up the very core of our programme, so set up your speaker profile today and show us what you’ve got - the stage is yours!

Why Detroit?
With the rapid advancement of technology, digitalisation has become a global key indicator for societal change and transformation. Access to digitalisation has, however, amplified and perpetuated the existing divide within society. Taking a look at Detroit, a city that has undergone substantial transformation as once America’s richest city to one of the country’s poorest and now finding itself in transformation, fundamental questions around accessibility arise. Who receives access to economic opportunity, creative expression, and urban mobility in an age of digitalisation?

Come and join us!
Participating in the CfP is simple. First, create a speaker profile and second, submit your content proposal via the online form by August 1, 2019. Our Detroit-based co-curators will help in terms of selection. You can find more information on how to apply here, and frequently asked questions here.

We’re looking forward to your ideas!