#rp19 speaker Alex Rosenblat: Algorithms are rewriting the rules of work

The American ride-hail startup Uber promised entrepreneurship for the masses. Instead, Uber's technology and business model became a template for employment using algorithms and internet platforms that is spreading throughout the so-called "gig economy". The Uber model blurs the lines between the distinct categories that our basic understanding of consumption and employment are based on.

Technology Ethnographer Alex Rosenblat of Data & Society explores how American technology ideology underwrites a future where any of us might be managed by a faceless boss. At #rp19, Alex will draw on her new book Uberland: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work, which chronicles the stories of Uber drivers in online forums and in more than twenty-five cities in the United States and Canada over four years. 

Find her session here.

Data & Society


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